About Us

Welcome to knickknacks! My name is Odessa Hupsel-Mottershead, I am married and have a 19 year old daughter. I worked as an assistant accountant and account manager in the corporate business world for more than 25 years. In 2016, I started this webshop named Knickknacks. 

Ten years ago, we moved from Curaçao back to the Netherlands, where we lived for 15 years. Relocation naturally includes furnishing the house to make it a home and I personally always think this is a nice period; looking for furniture and also nice accessories to decorate the different rooms. This lead to starting the webshop in 2016 with a handful of articles. The aim was and still is to offer mostly handmade or hand-crafted articles, which are almost always unique. Later, this expanded to offering items for gifting as well. In addition to the webshop, we had a physical store in Almere Poort and a retail unit at the Bazaar in Beverwijk, both in the Netherlands.

Wall decorations in beautiful colours, vases and dishes – mostly hand-blown glass or crystal or hand-worked – in various shapes and colours, glass or crystal statues and candlesticks made of different materials such as wood, glass and ceramics. This is a small selection of what we have to offer in the field of home accessories and gifts. Every room in a house deserves an eye-catcher or that gives the items already present in your house that little bit of extra. In our store we are always ready to help you or give you advice when choosing an item for yourself or a gift for giving, if necessary. Stopping by to have a chat is also lovely.

We are very happy and enthusiastic about the items that we have to offer you on our webshop and store. Our products come from the Netherlands, Belgium, England, and Poland, among others.

We look forward to sending you a package or welcoming you to our store in Spain!


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